Doing an internship at Feadship means

  • Gaining work experience at unique locations;
  • Higher likelihood of a permanent job after graduation;
  • Working on the most innovative projects within the superyacht building industry;
  • Working on your skills and competences while gaining practical experience;
  • Room for your own initiative;
  • Being supervised by a permanent internship supervisor and the best specialists in your field.



Working on innovative projects

While following an MBO (Intermediate Vocational), HBO (Higher Vocational) or WO (academic) course, you have the opportunity to do an internship. During an internship you will perform activities that give you an idea of the work you will be doing later on.

At Feadship we offer several opportunities to shape your future career. This can be at one of our Production departments, or with the department offices in Engineering, Purchasing or Personnel & Organisation.

Graduation research internship

Graduating at unique locations

The graduation research internship is the last part of your studies. At Feadship you will be working on a project that features a current issue.

Through research you will come up with recommendations and advice to solve the ‘practical problem’. Your graduation assignment will really add something to the company! The issue you are going to be researching, will always be formulated and practiced in cooperation with experienced specialists. This way it will fit well with your wishes and the needs of the department.

Orientation internship

Orientation in the superyacht building industry

When you have not yet been able to make a career choice and would like to know what working at Feadship entails exactly, we offer the orientation internship. This internship is very suitable to get acquainted with a profession or field and with Feadship as a company.

The internship consists of visiting different locations, having a good look around and asking questions. You are even stimulated to cooperate and take initiative on the work floor. In most cases the internship period does not last longer than two weeks. To follow an orientation internship you must be at least 15 years old.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You are studying at a recognised training institute at either the MBO, HBO or university level - that is Intermediate or Higher Vocational training, or at an academic level. The most common opportunities are for the following courses:
  • Maritime Engineering/ Naval Architecture
  • Wood and Furnishing College (HMC)
  • Mechanical Engineering/ Technician Engineering
  • Shipping and Transport College (STC)
  • Industrial Product Development (IPO)
  • Electrical Engineering
  • (Technical) Business Administration
  • Business Economics
  • Personnel and Organization
  • The most common internships we have are in the production departments, the Engineering department, Project Management or the various staff departments. Is your education or desired department not listed here? Please contact the contact person for your preferred internship vacancy.
At all Feadship departments and affiliated companies we offer you the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes. You can find the locations below.
Depending on your educational level, we offer a competitive fee. The contact person for your preferred internship vacancy can provide you with more information on this.
Open internship positions can be found on this website and are offered throughout the year. If your desired internship position is not available, you can always make an open application at your preferred site.
An internship is important to get a good idea of a certain profession and to get a feel of what it is like to work. An internship gives you the opportunity to determine the next step in the right direction. Are you enthusiastic about working at Feadship? Do not hesitate to let us know! There have been many professionals who started their career at Feadship upon completing their internship or after graduation. More information can be found under trainees and starters.