Feadship is one of the world's leading producers of custom-built superyachts. Every Feadship is unique, based on the particular wishes of the client and fitted with the latest innovations in technology, propulsion and materials. The wish and dream of the client lead, as engineering works to make the technical design feasible in a complex process of cooperating departments – all within budget, quality standards and planning.

Engineering phases

At Feadship the engineering process starts during sales. Divided in clear phases, this continues up to the moment of production of the superyacht.

The start

The first two phases consist of Design & Development and Final Design. To fit the client's wishes into the design, Feadship engineers use advanced 3D-engineering tools. After the design is handed over the engineers make a 3D-engineering model and technical drawings. This is the process where all components are assessed for practical feasibility and analyses are made to see where adjustments are needed for legal requirements.

Detail engineering

With every following step the engineering process increases in detail, as each individual production department delivers input. This results in the detail drawings at the base of all work. During production the engineer stays involved.

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