Perfection through focus

At Feadship, we always aim for the highest standard. This applies to the entire organisation. As a welder you take pride in your work. A yacht with engines roaring at the back and perfect quiet at the front is a peak achievement every welder strives for.

A lot of welding in the hull phase

Building a Feadship requires a lot of welding. A 120-meter superyacht, consisting of an aluminum upper deck and a steel hull, is composed of section parts. For example, the length of the section parts of the upper deck are already up to 35 meters and weigh between 12-50 tons. The steel and aluminum plates can reach up to 8-10 mm, but are usually no more than 5-6 mm. The quality requirements on the appearance of the weld are high. Welding on a Feadship demands real craftsmanship on many levels.

Most welding takes place during the construction of the hull. When the hull leaves the hull builder after about a year, she is ready to be finished. The next destination is one of the finishing yards.


Different welding techniques are: Aluminum Welding for the deckhouse, (Carbon) Steel Welding for the hull and Pipe Welding

"The upper deck is built upside down. This works much easier for the welders. When it is done, we just turn it over. In Papendrecht, we join hull and superstructure together. And voilá: there lies a Feadship."

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