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The Feadship companies are all employers who put their employees first. Because only then we succeed in working with people who understand their profession like no other.

To be able to guarantee absolute top quality, now and in the future, we offer our employees everything they need to reach the highest possible level. From the latest techniques and materials, to intensive in-house training by the best professionals.


The work culture within Feadship consists of a combination of ambition and dedication. A dynamic team spirit and craftsmanship are central to this. A natural collegiality ensures a pleasant working atmosphere in which everyone keeps each other on their toes.

We work in composite teams and with innovative forms of collaboration, such as concurrent design. This is a form of collaboration in which processes often run parallel.

Each part of Feadship has a solid background and its own specific field and specialists. As a strongly growing organisation, we continuously respond to the latest developments within the construction of superyachts.

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