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Mechanical engineering is inseparable from yacht building. When building a Feadship, it is involved in almost all phases. Mechanical professionals can be found in all companies; the design office, the production companies and the finishing yards. Each yacht (up to 160 meters) is custom built. The engineers turn ideas into functional designs and ensure that they continue to innovate. Consider, for example, the use of residual heat for heating shower and swimming pool water. What we sell the customer today must run perfectly when delivered in three years! Many customer wishes realised in the yacht also interface with mechanical engineering, such as the helicopter that can disappear from view on the foredeck; a technical masterpiece!

“When I get the question 'can this be done at all?' I know it has never been done before.”

Involved at every stage of the construction process

Construction workers create the innovative, high-tech yacht equipment in the workshops. At the finishing yards, the craftsmen then ensure that hatches and doors are perfectly integrated into the yacht's skin. Just like the yacht equipment, the piping and ventilation systems are engineered at one of the production companies. Think of piping for air conditioning, swimming pool water, drinking water, oil and gas. The skilled piping engineers work with the latest 3d engineering tools, 3d databases and smart software.

At the finishing yards, plumbers, pipe fitters and mechanics ensure perfect execution of the complex piping system. Professionals also work on the installation of swimming pools and Jacuzzis.

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