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Feadship is the best designer and builder of “custom-built” superyachts in the world. This means that no yacht is the same and is always built completely according to the customer's wishes. Feadships are equipped with the most innovative techniques in the field of propulsion and systems. Think, for example, of a yacht with hybrid propulsion, an Imax cinema or a complete underwater chamber.


The best professionals ensure that customer wishes and innovations are realised. Pipe fitters handle piping for fuel and oil supply, as well as sanitation and ventilation systems, among others. Metalworkers focus more on the visible parts of the yacht. Consider, for example, the stainless steel railings that are perfectly tailored for the exterior using techniques such as machining, bending and polishing. Craftsmen construct yacht equipment such as hatches and doors, masts and anchors in the workshops. On board, assembly craftsmen ensure perfect integration with the yacht under completion. The perfection of a Feadship is carried through to the engine room.

“Even the technical room is an eye-catcher”

Training and development

Because very specific knowledge is often required for construction work in yacht building, we train the skilled workers ourselves. Feadship has its own company school where you can start a work-study program after high school or as a lateral entrant. As an apprentice you will be trained to be a specialist in your field and you will be involved in building the most beautiful super yachts in the world. With four days of work and one day of school you will get a recognized MBO diploma in 3 years and receive your salary at the same time.

“Working as a pipefitter means helping to build the most beautiful superyachts.”

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