About Akerboom Yacht Equipment

Akerboom Yacht Equipment (AYE) in Leiden designs, builds and installs innovative, high-tech yacht equipment and propeller shaft installations for luxury yachts.

Founded in 1870 and part of Groep Koninklijke De Vries Scheepbouw since 1986, AYE has a long history in shipbuilding from cargo ships to yachts. With all this experience, they can call themselves the specialist in the field of Yacht Equipment, making them a dedicated partner especially for the yards of the Royal De Vries Shipbuilding Group and Royal Van Lent Shipyard.

Yacht equipment explained

For and with these renowned yacht builders, AYE designs and builds hatches, doors, cranes, platforms, gangways and boarding ladders. AYE's installers ensure that each item is beautifully integrated into the hull or deck of the yacht.

At AYE, trained craftsmen work with state-of-the-art 3D engineering. They do this in an advanced production environment; in Leiden and in ports around the world. Akerboom yacht services works on location on refits, inspections and repairs to luxury yachts.

Craftsmanship and quality

Akerboom Yacht Equipment delivers quality and craftsmanship in a number of disciplines: 3D engineering, aluminum production and welding machining, aluminum pre-fabrication composites assembly and pre-outfitting and onboard installation. Also in the field of service & refits.

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