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Together we build superyachts, the most beautiful in the world. With craftsmanship, innovative developments, solid engineering, the finest design and high-quality production at the shipyards and in our furniture factories, our colleagues work daily on groundbreaking projects.


None of these projects could be carried out without the contribution of our staff departments. For example, much of the work is done digitally and simply cannot take place without our IT systems and infrastructure. Facility is the running engine that makes working at our locations possible and together with HSE it ensures a safe and responsible working environment.

Working atmosphere

For the correct financial management of all projects, our finance department is indispensable. Together with the HR department we focus on best practice in working conditions, team divisions and of course the atmosphere on the work floor. Altogether this makes the construction of the yacht as smooth as possible. Each department is indispensable during the construction process, everyone contributes to the construction of our beautiful superyachts.

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