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Are you working at an employment or secondment agency specialising in technical disciplines and new to Feadship? Register your organisation for our open assignments.


We are going for the best

Feadship consists of several companies and yards; together we build dream yachts, which are awarded internationally. Not surprisingly, therefore, De Vries has a full portfolio for the coming years. Besides permanent employees, the Group needs more than 800 temporary and self-employed workers every year. For peaks in work or temporary specialist demand, for instance. We go for the best and are happy to work with you.

This is how we cooperate

  • One-stop shop for all outstanding demand.
  • As soon as you work with a De Vries company already affiliated to De Vlijt, you have access to our online supplier portal. Here you will find all open (temporary) positions per field and you can introduce your candidates.
  • You indicate which positions you want to be approached for. This way, you will not miss out on a vacancy.
  • We also post the demand for a few weeks/months from now. So we can look ahead together.
  • You follow your shortlisted candidate in real time in the selection process.
  • Personal contact with the hiring coordinator on site.
  • Has your candidate been placed? Each 'newcomer' can count on a warm welcome. The automated onboarding process saves you time and energy.
  • We go to great lengths to optimise the affairs of our professionals. For example, the system registers the timeliness of the NEN certificate.
  • Less administration through reversed billing.
  • Uniform hiring conditions from De Vlijt.